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Sacred Sexuality Austin Meetup


We are a group of about 3500 sacred sexual beings in and around Austin, Texas, who have been gathering in person almost every month since 2013 to learn and grow together.  


On this page find some reviews, a complete list of our past meetups, and an invitation to join us.  Join our group on by clicking on the button below, and maybe we can meet in person sometime soon.


Reviews from the meetup page


"wow!!!!!! blessing to everyone that participated and held the loving safe space for all of us. I was at home with Y'all. River and Dan thanks for your work, coordination was impecable. We were blown away by the family ... what a Budda Field."


"Safe, playful, hot, juicy, intelligent, fun, courageous and real. Great sex positive and human positive community!”


“An absolutely wonderful group providing a safe environment to learn and communicate our deepest core truths.”


“Wonderful and open and welcoming!”


“Lots to think about & a great group of positive, open, honest and direct people”


“I love the depth and devotion that the members of this meet up express. Its so juicy to witness and explore the range of possibilities of sacred sexuality. Yum!”


“Very informative and relaxed and open”


“River and Dan are welcoming, gracious, fun, and respectful; they hold the space in such a grounded and safe way, which invites vulnerability, engagement, play, and expression. The guest speakers are awesome, and the topics are illuminating, timely, entertaining, and thought-provoking. I'm so happy I found this Meetup; it's enriching my life!”


“Phenomenal community!”

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Complete list of meetups 2013-2020


This is a list of every live in-person meetup we have enjoyed together over the years.  If you have never been in circle with us, this is why we gather.  If you have joined our circle ... which ones do you remember the most?  These have been some insanely beautiful moments, haven't they?   :D

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