The Howl

Cultivating the next generation of surrogate partners and therapists


As a professional surrogate partner, I wanted more resources and support for those in our profession.  That's why I chose to join with three of the most highly skilled and generous surrogate partners in the United States to co-create this exciting new organization. 


Our mission is threefold:


EMBODY   We are a community of surrogate partners who model healthy intimacy skills, embodying our values in the way we teach, relate to one another, and run our organization.


EMPOWER   As supportive partners and mentors, we teach intimacy skills from within the relationship. In the structure of the triadic model, we co-create opportunities for clients to move through shame and social conditioning to self-acceptance and self-love, so they experience the full potential of embodied intimacy.


EDUCATE   We cultivate the next generation of surrogate partners and therapists, and educate the broader community.


Visit our website to learn about our vision and values, our founders, our legal statement and our membership plans.


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We would love to have you join us as we move forward with this essential work.

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