The Howl

The Garden

Growing our future together.

Coming Soon.  We will soon have an online space where like-hearted souls can gather to plot the evolution. A garden where we can cultivate a healthy relationship with nature in order to:

  • restore health to mother earth
  • restore health to all beings
  • open a path to evolution
  • train AI to have compassion for all beings and
  • be a ton of fun along the way!


If you would like an early bird invitation to tend this garden path with others of similar consciousness, use the button below to subscribe to the early bird email invite list.


Early birds will enjoy special offers as we launch, and a voice in the design of our garden. As we get closer to launch, early birds will be invited to a private zoom to prepare for takeoff.

Did you notice the groovy artwork on this page? A couple of highly talented young designers have already rendered their visions of The Garden!  Aren't they magnificent?  More details about The Garden art project to follow.  


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