River Roaring's VIP Platinum Retreat


A four-day retreat that will give you and your spouse an erotic rebirth and put an end to those gut wrenching questions about your relationship, so you can finally feel deep, passionate love.

Dear …..,

Have you ever been with your spouse, who you love, and realized there’s a lump in your gut because you know your relationship is stagnant? You’ve noticed little unconscious patterns throughout the relationship. Even the sex has become routine. You want better sex, but don’t know how to communicate about it. Maybe you even have sexual fantasies about other people and are disturbed by what it might mean. You love your partner, so why do you sometimes wonder if you chose the right person? You don’t know what to do. You’ve tried couples’ therapy but it hasn’t meaningfully moved the needle. Every other part of life has seemed easy compared to this. You’re ready to do whatever it takes to improve this part of your life.

Has your soulmate become your roommate?

Well I see you.

And I want to see you fall in love again.

I want to see those wild-and-free people who first fell in love. Those people who got that feeling back and more. Those people who know how to build a fire and keep it burning.

True love is not a myth, and it’s not too much to expect in life. It’s possible to release the shame, guilt and fear from your system.

When it happens, you will notice a “high” that is not explainable in words. It must be felt. People who have not felt it are not able to understand it. I want you both to have access to this feeling at will - that intoxicating, warm and bubbly, often tingly, other-worldly, time stands still feeling.  The feeling state of authentic sexual expression. Of being desired, and of desiring. When your touch needs are met. When other people look at you in a new way and it’s obvious to the world that your relationship is flourishing.

I want you to know what others do not know. To walk around fully embodying all parts of yourself, with increased magnetic presence and sensual energy in all areas of your life. Fully alive. I want you to be part of the group that knows that feeling. The group that has awakened and been released.

You are not broken.

Your partner is not broken.

You likely haven’t been exposed to trust worthy training on embodiment combined with sexual desire, or guided through sensual embodiment practices.

I have something I’ve never offered before, and I plan to offer it to one couple per year. We will get together in person for a few days and I will leverage all of my experience to make this dream come true.

This is for a committed couple who is ready to take their relationship to a much higher level, both inside and outside of the bedroom.

If you are interested, apply below and let’s figure out how to make it happen.

With love,
River signature

There are really two ways to live.

One is bursting with desire, creative spark, vision, and the ability to dream with an understanding of how they come true.

The other is limited by shame and guilt, contracted, and convinced that we are here to take what we get, that we have no power to change our lives.

The life of desire and vision is deeply connected to our sexual energy. And learning to cultivate our sexual energy is the funnest way to co create with the universe.

This is the most personalized and exclusive program I have ever offered.

We’ll get together in person for four days in a row, and we’ll open doors you never even dreamed existed. We will explore every ounce of potential your partnership has for pleasure, deep connection, and love.

We can meet at my place or yours - I will literally fly out to your home or the location of your choice. It was designed for couples. I might be open to accepting an individual.

After our four days together, I’ll support you over zoom to help you optimize your new skills and capacities. You’ll even have my mobile number for texting, which I don’t give out.

And you will have ultimate confidentiality.  We sign a contract that anything between us stays between us.

So you will have ultimate confidentiality. And ultimate access.

Bottom Line:  

  • This is for a committed couple who is ready to take their relationship to a much higher level, both inside and outside of the bedroom.
  • I will leverage my decades of experience to transform your relationship in the next few months.
  • I’ve never offered this intensive training before and I’m only offering it once a year.

-----Case Studies & Stories to Support-----


Learn and grow using pleasure instead of pain

Research shows that human beings need touch to survive, and that loneliness is actually the largest cause of disease in the human body. We now know that emotional dysregulation is propelling most disorders of the human body, and that nervous system regulation is the key to health and longevity. Cutting edge research is finally showing that our bodies learn more from pleasure and play, than from swimming endlessly in pain from the past.


Get that wild-and-free feeling back

And make it even better.

Take your relationship from “good” to “I’ll have what they’re having!”



This program is not for everyone.

  • This isn’t for you if you’re not ready to go deep.
  • This isn't for you if your partner is only half in. You have to decide this together.
  • This isn't for you if you believe it won't work. If you are committed to the way things are, and resistant to positive change, this program isn't really for you. You have to be all in.
  • And this isn’t for you if you’re struggling financially because this is really fucking expensive. It’s almost 6 figures.  I have other programs if you want to work with me on a different level, but that isn’t this program. This is totally unique.


Key transformation points

  1. Embracing your power and sovereignty
  2. Mine and thine - what’s mine, what’s yours
  3. Dreaming a new dream
  4. Waking your body
  5. Desire and limits
  6. Giving and receiving
  7. Asking for what you want (and declining what you don’t) … from now on.
  8. Emotional freedom
  9. Sacred conflict - use conflict to generate deeper connection and love
  10. Touching with joy
  11. Self-pleasure mastery
  12. Relationship bliss
  13. Integrating and transitioning


  • Location of your choice. To optimize your comfort and coziness, relaxation and readiness, I am willing to meet you at the location of your choice (subject to my approval). This is a major bonus if you choose to take advantage of it because I basically never travel to teach. If you prefer to travel to Austin, a beautiful destination city, or you live in Austin and would prefer to meet in my downtown temple (with easy parking), I would be honored to welcome you as my guest and host our retreat in my space. My space is not residential so you will choose your own favorite location in or around Austin for overnight accommodation.
  • Best friend level access. During the months after our retreat, you will have my mobile number for texting which I don’t give out to anyone but my closest loved ones. And I encourage you to use it! I’ll be right by your side to support your new way of being as you venture out into your wild and wooly daily life. You will have my full support as you keep the spark alive and sustain your eternal flame.
  • Unlimited expansion. As a bonus, I will hop on a zoom with you once a month for a few months after our retreat as you expand your newfound liberation into other parts of your life. As inside, so outside. After you have freed your inside world, your outside world will mysteriously fall into place differently and be more free as well. During this time, you will have an opportunity to open beyond cultivating peak erotic experiences to cultivating previously unimaginable success in other parts of your life.


This program is different

Most other relationship programs focus on talking. This program includes instruction and guidance on touch. You will have a safe enough container to go deep. Trauma informed and pleasure positive, we will transform with a focus on pleasure rather than with a focus on the obstacles.

Your mentor and guide is one of the top sexologists and most experienced surrogate partners in the United States. She has guided hundreds of people who felt their sex and intimacy was broken into a life of thrilling love, sex and intimacy.

I'm ready.

"After just 2 weeks of working with Taylor, I've made some massive shifts in my mindset and my daily routine. I am hopeful for the new future I'm creating."

Maisy Bouchey

"This time last year, I was a frazzled mother of 2, just barely getting by. Thanks to Taylor's courses, I'm a happier, healthier person for myself and my family."

Janell Parks