The Howl

Austin Wheel Heads

Keeping it Wheel


We are more healthy and alive when we joyfully connect with one another in person.



I have exciting news: There's a small group of healthy people who are creating a loving, learning, growing, relating in-person community here in Austin right now.


And you are invited.


Everyone in this community has been through the same doorway - a weekend workshop that supports each participant in cultivating new skills and capacities in healthy human relating. 


The next doorway opens soon.


The Wheel of Consent weekend workshop is your entry, your doorway, into the WheelHead community. An online and in person space where you can continue to cultivate your new relating and connecting skills with others throughout the year and into your future.


Once you complete the weekend workshop, you will automatically be invited to join the Austin Wheel Heads both online in our private, non-commodified, space and also IRL for our Saturday afternoon in-person Wheel Dojos.  


A Dojo is a place of awareness, a place to practice or train.  In our Wheel Dojos we get together in person to practice the Wheel of Consent with one another. 


Which makes our community pretty juicy.  


Would you like to join us?

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