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Wheel Sharers


A three-month journey of mentoring, support, and practice for those who want to share the Wheel of Consent, exclusively for WheelHeads.


Your video invitation:


Dear WheelHead,


For the past ten years, my focus has been on honing my craft.

Along the way, I’ve enjoyed many, many mentors and guides. Now I know my craft.


Now it’s time for me to show you everything I’ve learned.

My goal is to fully support you in making your dreams come true when it comes to sharing the Wheel.


This program is for you if you are, or want to be, a:

  • Wheel of Consent workshop facilitator
  • sex and/or intimacy coach
  • bodyworker
  • sex worker
  • surrogate partner
  • therapist
  • or any other worker who shares the Wheel of Consent with others.


Have you noticed that these professions can be … complicated?

There are SO many things that can go “wrong” or “askew” inside this kind of workplace. It’s not traditionally easy to manage all of the different personality types who might enter your session room or your group setting. I know from doing them that all of these professions have been a hundred times easier when I have a trusted mentor and guide by my side.


You deserve a trusted mentor + as much real-life practice as you want!

In addition to mentoring and supporting your journey, I can help you get actual real-life practice in facilitating groups. If you want to practice, I want to gather groups of Austinites together to experience your spaces. As much as you want, we can set up groups that are open to the public where you can be featured, practice your skills, and perhaps pick up some new clients if you are ready to take on new clients or group participants.


We can even work on your web presence or business plan.

What I have not listed in the "about" part of my own website is all of the marketing -type of courses and teachers I’ve worked with over time. If you want business plan and/or web presence support - we will go there. 


In other words, I want to give everything I've learned to YOU.

It’s time for me to pass along every resource in my magic bag.


You won’t find a program like this anywhere else in the world.

Because this program:

  • is facilitated by an established practitioner who has engaged in all of these professions for ten years
  • is entirely based on YOUR PERSONAL DREAM for your future
  • is totally designed around your personal needs for support based on your personal dream
    will support you in all aspects of your future profession
  • can give you the skills and capacities to implement your dream
  • gives you lived experience of what you are learning by facilitating public groups if you want
  • can provide you with new clients if you are set up for that and want to get in front of more people
  • gives you the valuable support of the entire group of WheelSharers
  • will even support you with your business plan and web presence if that is what you want


This program will begin with YOUR DREAM for your future.

I will invite you to imagine your most fabulous future that involves sharing the Wheel with others. We will then design our time together to maximize the mentoring, support and practice that will take your work to the next level.


Each person in the group will have their own dream,

of course. So your personal path will gain the support of an experienced mentor, the support of a wonderful group of WheelHeads who are on a similar path, and even the support of members of the public if we invite them to facilitation practice sessions!


2024 Schedule


We will meet from 2:30-4:30pm on Thursdays


Winter-Spring Semester

January 11, 18, 25
February 8, 15, 22
March 7, 14, 21


at River's downtown temple. Exact location provided upon registration.


Cost:  $500 for the entire 3 month series

This program is exclusively for WheelHeads.

(You are invited to become a WheelHead by participating in River’s Wheel of Consent weekend workshop.)


If you want to be a Wheel of Consent workshop facilitator

This group will support your Wheel of Consent workshop facilitator certification process. This group will help prepare you for official certification by the School of Consent, founded by Dr. Betty Martin. Only the School of Consent can certify you as an official Wheel of Consent workshop facilitator. This Austin program, the Wheel Sharers, is designed to support your in-person requirements for the School of Consent's facilitator certification program. You can complete the entire certification program without joining this Austin group at all. IF you would like local support for your in-person requirements, this program was designed for you!


If you have any questions,

please do not hesitate to email me. I am here to support you, including around whether or how to integrate this program into your career.


Yours truly,


P.S.  This program is NOT sequential

like the weekend workshop is (if you miss a part of the weekend workshop, you might be a bit lost when you return). So you do not need to attend every session. With this program, you can miss one or more sessions and still participate fully!



Helpful links from Betty and the School of Consent


Sharing the Wheel of Consent - license and disclaimer requirements if you are already sharing the Wheel of Consent with others

"Notes on Teaching the Wheel of Consent" - 20 min video message to you from Betty Martin

Working with Groups - first School of Consent online course required for facilitators

Facilitator Certification Course - second School of Consent online course required for facilitators.  This page includes the prerequisites.  In this course, you will be required to facilitate live, in-person practice sessions.  (Which WheelSharers will support you in accomplishing!)

The Wheel of Consent Workshop - School of Consent webpage

If you want to share the Wheel of Consent  with others, with a super cool and fun support team by your side, please join us.


I'm in! Take me to registration!