The Keystone


Every ecosystem has one species that plays a central defining role: the Keystone.

The name keystone is derived from the wedge-shaped stone that supports the top of an arch. Just as other stones depend on the keystone for support, other species in a community depend on the presence of a keystone to maintain the community’s structure.

Without its keystone, the ecosystem would be dramatically different or cease to exist because the keystone provides critical resources for a wide range of other species.

Are you ready to step into your keystone potential and unlock your full sexual sovereignty?

Because of course, it’s impossible to unleash your full power while carrying sexual shame, fear, hesitation, or confusion.

It’s time for you to have it all.

Including sexual sovereignty and deep loving partnership.

So you walk the earth like the king of the jungle you were born to be.

A six month intensive.

This is my most exclusive and elite training program.

We will meet regularly in person and virtually.

We will design custom experiences that will stretch and teach you.

You will become the next evolution of yourself by doing and fully embodying teachings not by simply taking in more information. Together we will make sure that you learn, through experience, what it feels like to be the Keystone.

Over the years that I've trained my clients to be in alive, sensual and sexual relationships with self, others and the world, I’ve developed my own system of learning and doing that will train your body to experience the world in embodied, loving, connection.

You will drop down beneath the thinking mind and into your body.

From that place, you will engage in touch experiences that are unlike anything you have experienced before. Over the course of our time together, you will be invited into experiences that build on one another, each a little more intense and complex than the last.

Ironically, this part of life isn’t taught anywhere else in our modern culture.

That’s why it can be easier to find yourself in your own new Maserati than to find the beautiful, loving partner of your choice sitting next to you in the passenger seat.

My mission is to impart all the wisdom I’ve accumulated over decades of training and study worldwide.

When the keystone energy is realized in you, your life is transformed and at that point the universe can see that you are a channel that is capable of bigger things and will often gift you with greater opportunities because now you have the capacity to execute.

The entire universe will open its arms to you when you learn to tap into the wisdom that is deep inside your own body.

I want to work with you because when a keystone is liberated, everyone has a better chance of becoming liberated.

I’ve noticed that it’s those who have succeeded in all other areas of life who already understand how to succeed. How to achieve. It’s also these achievers who tend to have a wide sphere of influence - like a keystone. But so often there is one thing missing - embodied, loving connection. The ability to drop down into the body and be in deep intimate connection with self and others.

I want to train you so that your influence runs deeper, but even more importantly so that you experience all that life has to offer.

I’m looking for one client who’s all in.

I'm looking for someone who will give this their all, because that's what I plan to do.

I accept one Keystone client at a time.

If you have optimized the other areas of your life, and are now ready to become sexually sovereign, click the button and let me know you are ALL IN so we can set up a call.

This is my highest level opportunity. Please only commit if you have the resources to invest and are ready to transform your life in meaningful ways. The field of transformation will open the first time we speak, and I'm available to begin your formal apprenticeship in January.

I'm in.

"As a teacher, River rocks, is sexy, crude in the best way possible, and seems to be very accepting of all walks of life."

"River is relaxed, present, and helped me touch into uncomfortable places with support and grace."