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When desire is welling up inside you, and you’re with that person who you desire so much and … and … and you just can’t do it?

Every time you start to talk the boulder in your throat won’t let you, and the old stories of shame in your head take you out of the game.

Maybe your version of this scene is a little different, but directly asking for what you want is one of the hardest things any of us can do. And it’s not easy to find help since it seems like most sex education these days is scare tactics, medical advice, or pick-up-artist moves. 

I want you to have exactly what you want, and plenty of it. I want you to have it all because it’s possible to cultivate some simple skills and capacities that can bring you that other feeling.

The feeling when you engage in authentic sexual expression.

It starts with a feeling deep inside. There is a “high” that is not explainable in words. Until you feel it in your body, it’s not possible to understand. It’s intoxicating, warm and bubbly, often tingly, other-worldly, time stands still.

I want you to have access to pleasure at will, which is not only possible, but pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

Your pleasure state can be sustained outside the bedroom in all of life. Once you are fluent in these states, external circumstances mysteriously fall into place. As inside, so outside. You will not only learn to cultivate peak erotic experiences, but also optimize into the highest levels of human expression and achieve previously unimaginable success in other parts of your life.

Your unique sexual expression is an essential part of you that must be set free in order for you to be fully free. And by setting this part of yourself free, you free the world. And have a lot more fun along the way.

Are you ready to liberate humanity by liberating the force within you that is at once the most hidden and the most powerful - your sexual energy?

Then let’s play.          

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Hello dahling!


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I've always been paid to keep secrets.

Years ago I left my decades-long career as a trial attorney and lobbyist with my own office when I realized I was no longer in integrity. 

I'm not here to help people fight.

I'm here to help people love. 

Because when we free our sexuality, we free the world.

Now I'm one of the top sexologists and most experienced surrogate partners in the United States, providing safe, confidential space for erotic understanding.

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I celebrate your uniqueness. 
I work with individuals, couples, relationship formations, all genders and orientations, all skin colors and nationalities, all ability levels and all levels of past experience.

"Slowly, with River's ability to hold safe space, every one ended up opening their tender part to see what they were missing all along."

"River teaches with a spectacularly open heart. Her mix of experiential guiding, intellectual understanding, and loving acceptance deliver the ideal conditions for learning."

T r u e   l o v e   i s   p o s s i b l e   f o r   y o u.