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Connoisseur. Creator. Curator. Guide.


More savory than a painting or sculpture, human experience doesn't hang on our wall or sit on our table, it rests in our soul.  

When we share it with others, the vibration radiates through us ever after.


I stand for the healing power of human touch as a way to harmonize our collective vibration and thrive together.  


By cultivating our life force, we come into coherence with self, other, and all of life.

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River spent over 20 years as a trial attorney and lobbyist who owned her own law office that sat between the courthouse and the statehouse.


She walked away at the height of her career to fulfill her mission to support relational evolution.

"I don't want you stuck in the situation I was in.  As an attorney, I was taught to fight. I looked successful on the outside. But ironically, after twenty years of exciting lawyer and lobbyist adventures, my life was so empty I didn't have a reason to get out of bed ... until I heard what my body was trying to say.

After years on a spiritual and sexual path, and realizing the purpose of life is to love, I could no longer fight.  I had to invest my life in love.

Your sexuality is natural and healthy. 

You deserve to reach your highest expression in loving connection.  To relate confidently with your partners.  To know aspects of yourself you may have only imagined existed.

I've watched person after courageous person grow their confidence in love and life.  I'd love to support you."

Learn the basics of the Wheel of Consent

as developed by Dr. Betty Martin

 at this small group weekend workshop


Get help with sexuality, touch, intimacy and relating. Find the ease, confidence and sensuality that is your birthright.


Sharpen your professional consent, boundaries and facilitation skills. Embody the Wheel and apply it in your sessions and workshops.


Create contracts and agreements with colleagues, clients, communities and the environment that align with the values of all parties.

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Sacred Conflict [VIDEO]

Have you noticed some people want to be "right"? Want to argue? Want to persuade, convince you of their beliefs?

What if conflict had nothing to do with any of those things?

What if conflict was helpful?

Watch this short video I made for you.

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Do you need a surrogate partner? [PODCAST]

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  • on the Wild & Sublime podcast with Karen Yates
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Together We Fly!

"River is an excellent guide for this journey."  

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