River Roaring 




A three month intensive small group journey.



You've taken the hike.

When you completed the weekend workshop with River or Like a Pro with Betty, you took the embodied journey down into the Grand Canyon. You didn't just peep the map.

If you're wanting more, you're not alone.

Have you noticed you'd like to take your desire-and-limit practice to another level? To find out what's next? What's possible for you?

Are you ready for mastery?

Join a few of your WheelHead family members in an intimate setting where we will refine how we dance with desire and limits. This program is practical and embodied. 

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Dear WheelHead,


Remember how much fun and growth

you had in the weekend workshop? Since then, many of you have been enjoying our Dojo practice sessions. We’ve started to socialize and chill more often. I see many of you out playing actively with others, which is so exciting!

Lately, many of you have asked for more depth, more guidance into deeper experience.  


This is what I hear

“Since the workshop, my life has improved as I’ve used the tools. I’m listening to my body more. I’m even using touch to figure out my desires and limits.

And yet I’m still challenged around how to communicate before, during and after sex.

I want to form a more clear and inspiring Big Vision for my most fabulous possible future when it comes to love and sex. And at the same time, I want answers to some very basic and practical questions about how sex works.

How does authentic sex look and feel?

I know that sex can be an ecstatic dance in relaxed and extended pleasure. I paid attention during the workshop and I know the elements. But I have more questions about how to put them together, especially during the action.

I’m ready to get over my very embodied fear of speaking about sex. I want to embody: ‘No shame. I know what I’m doing here. I can handle myself.'”


I am so committed to you,

your future, and our growing WheelHead community, I’m offering this small group mentoring program tailored to meet these needs exactly.


You will have space to focus deeply on your future dream, and on your specific challenges inside the bedroom and out. We will get as specific and detailed about sexual experience as you want to. You will be able to refine how you use the Wheel teachings, especially in more intense situations.


This program will give you deep support

as you learn and apply the Wheel of Consent, and other best practices related to human sexuality, in your sex life. You will become more confident in your love, sex and intimacy.


Balance your nervous system

even in these transitional times. You know that safety, in the Wheel of Consent context, is about our nervous system. Learn to hold a relaxed state during increasingly intense situations.


If you are with a long term partner,

you’ll cultivate skills that keep your relationship fresh and alive. The Wheel teachings show us how to give one another ample space to notice desire and limit from within. Bring more spontaneity, desire and touch into your mature loving relationship.


If you're dating or seeking partnership,

you'll be able to meet new people and date with joy and effervescence. Dating is intense. Sexual experiences are intense. Join us to develop your skills and capacities as you relate with others in these situations. Hone your capacity for authenticity. Say goodbye to awkward situations. Become even more confident in your ability to enjoy relaxed pleasure with another.


Can you imagine

  • living your dreams and desires?
  • cultivating your own personal style of embodiment?
  • a life where relaxed pleasure is your default setting?
  • becoming the most trusted lover and partner that you know?
  • eliminating from your life activities that you no longer love?
  • setting up experience after experience of blissful sexual interaction with your partners?
  • a daily life that is blissful and purposeful, even through the challenges?


Bottom line … Are you ready to take your love life to the next level?


Join us.


Yours truly,


One of my clients

participated in the weekend workshop and also worked with me one-on-one, ending a year or so ago.  He recently related that he feels like a lion walking around the jungle - and he remembers when, during our session, I announced that he would someday feel like the king of the jungle, able to co create with life with confidence and power. Living in animal wisdom of desire and limits.  Today, he knows what I meant ... because he lives it. 


This is possible for you too.



Is this you?

  • Have you noticed that a recent date you went on could have been more authentic and fun for everyone?
  • Do you want to communicate your desires and limits more clearly leading up to, and during, sexual encounter?  
  • Are there moments when you wish you and your long term partner could be more alive and spontaneous together?
  • If you’re seeking and enjoying new partners, do you notice awkward dead end moments where you don’t know what to do next? ... Are you still going on uncomfortable dates?


Are you ready for this to be you?

  • You have your own personal style when it comes to approaching your playmates and living from your desire.
  • Your relationships with others are clear and authentic as you no longer waste energy on poor communication, strategizing or guessing.
  • You feel confident and relaxed before, during, and after your sexual experiences.
  • Your pleasure ceiling keeps going up as you access bliss more often.
  • Your discomfort floor keeps going down as you become more grounded and peaceful even during intensity.



We will cover

what is arising in your life. This program is 100% customized to your personal life and experiences. At the same time, don't worry, I have a long list of topics I would like to address so we won't run out of exciting topics.


We will talk together, not touch

This program is different for me as a facilitator because we will focus on talk, not touch. Many of you have been engaging in touch experiences or potential touch experiences since the workshop. Yay!  As we go, I along with the group will support you in actively creating change in your touch experiences outside of our sessions.



We'll meet in person from 5:30-7:30pm


2024 Calendar

Women on Thursday
Men on Wednesday
Last 5 Sessions: Everyone on Thursday

Winter-Spring Semester

January 11, 18, 25
February 8, 15, 22
March 7, 14, 21


January 10, 17, 24
February 7, 15, 22
March 7, 14, 21


River’s private downtown temple space near 35 and 12th St.,

details provided upon registration.


We meet with our own gender first so we can freely explore our domestications from a gender perspective, as well as dive deeper into the sexual anatomy and function of our gender.  We come together at the end to practice authentic embodied connection and continue our growth in an all gender environment.



You probably know

that I am on earth to support your relational evolution, especially your sexual evolution. Above all, I believe we're here to connect. To love and support one another, to learn from one another, each offering the unique gifts we naturally bring. I believe that all of our human challenges would be unraveled if we healed our sexuality - becoming authentic, whole, fully expressed, loving and creative.


In this course, I will draw on tools I’ve gathered over the past 15 years of intense sexual exploration. I came into the Wheel of Consent over 10 years ago when I met Betty, and have studied it, practiced it in my personal and work life, and shared it throughout that time.


You may not know

how hard I played for years before I started all the study. My lived experience of sexual play and experimentation will provide a lot of the wisdom I will draw on during this program. For the past 15 years, I haven’t held much back when it comes to my sex and love life. I’ve been deep in the kink scene for 15 years, mostly for personal play. I’ve engaged in long term tantric/taoist sexual relationship, as well as innumerable short term sacred sexual encounters. I’ve been polyamorous for 15 years and been blessed with, and continue to be blessed with, a number of epic love affairs long and short. Dated all genders, engaged in group sexual activity many times, held space for others, and made just about every fantasy I’ve ever had come true for real or through role play. I’ve done several different kinds of sex work. And I've been emotionally authentic which brings so much beauty and so much grief. I've spent a lot of years taking risks and learning lessons. Walking close to the edge. Walking over the edge and falling on my face!


I will bring all of this forward to guide and mentor you on your path. It will be my pleasure to mentor you in whatever flavor of human connection and communion that you would like to cultivate in your life.



To recap


Wheel Mastery offers you a space to grow, alongside other Heads, around the Wheel of Consent and sexual intimacy. This program is practical, as we will focus on your life and what matters the most to you in your sex and love relationships. This program is embodied, as we will be noticing our bodies and discussing embodied life, even though we will not be focusing on touch in our in person time together. The focus is still on our embodied wisdom!


This is the only Wheel of Consent intensive program of it's kind in the world at this time. Certainly the only one with a focus on embodied sexuality.


I can offer this program at a fraction of the cost of working with me privately, one-on-one. If my private mentor programs seem too pricey, this is the program for you.


Continue co-creating Austin's blossoming Wheel of Consent community.  You get to enjoy the increased learning that happens inside a small group, build community, and bond with other cool Heads on the same path.



Full price $1500


A private one-on-one three month program with me is now $7800. This three month program is more affordable and you get the added bonus of small group learning and friend-building.



Space is limited to 10 spots 


I will accept 5 men and 5 women. For the first two months, you will be exploring in a small group of same gendered WheelHeads. For the third month, we will come together in co-ed sessions.


When you join us


  • You will cultivate your dream of the most fabulous future possible for you.
  • You will learn new things about sex.
  • You will get to “workshop” your own relationships with self and others, receiving personal guidance as you work with real life situations. This group is not theoretical, I will invite you to take action differently in the world. 
  • You will deepen your embodied experience of the Wheel of Consent.
  • You will have my dedicated attention and support for an extended time.
  • You will have an opportunity to experience the magic of the small group field of transformation.


Where else can you get personalized sexual guidance from an embodied, consensual, and desire-celebrating perspective?


Is every cell in your body excited?


… me too. Let’s do it. ;)

What are you waiting for?



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