Work privately with River

Experience your true power in a relaxed body ... even in the bedroom.


We meet in person in my downtown temple over a three month period.

Whether you would be most supported by the surrogate partner program or a private mentor will depend on your situation.

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Private Mentorship with River


Who is this for?  If any of these sound familiar:

"I want more intimacy in my life."

"I wish I had an intimate partner."

"My partner and I are having sex less often."

"I've succeeded in business, now what about my personal life?

"I feel distant from others and awkward when it comes to intimacy."

"My life looks great from the outside, but my sex life is nonexistent."

Men concerned with "premature ejaculation" or "erectile disfunction" and women who haven't had an orgasm as often as they would like.

"When I think of sex I feel fear, social anxiety and a lack of confidence."

"I don't want to leave my partner but we're both longing for something more fulfilling."

It's possible to put these concerns behind you forever without pills, potions or fancy contraptions.

A useful guide is hard to find.  Some guides along my journey have been a bit clinical and I didn't feel my wild side was welcome, or cheesy feeling and I didn't want to play games, or cult like and I wasn't looking for a new social circle, or woo woo and I didn't feel grounded or safe.

Once I found excellent teachers, they were usually hundreds or thousands of miles away and I spent tens of thousands of dollars on travel and tuition to learn from them.

That's why I am dedicated to offering a space that is:

  • grounded in a strong and safe container
  • beckons you deeper into your authentic expression
  • honoring all of you, and
  • provided in person, or if you prefer in the comfort of your own home online.

Wherever you are in your sex-and-intimacy journey, I will meet you there and walk along your side as you move toward your highest intentions.

How does the process unfold?  We will customize every step of this process for you:

  • you will clarify your dream and envision your ideal future
  • I will hold your vision with you, creating a powerful container for transformation
  • we will assess the obstacles that are currently in your way
  • you will build skills and capacities, tools that will eliminate the obstacles one by one
  • you will live the life of your dreams.

Simple, right?  The beautiful thing about intimacy is that there's actually nothing to learn. There are only things to unlearn. All you have to do is be you.

The Surrogate Partner Program


There are a small number of certified surrogate partners practicing in the United States today, and each of us practices differently. My primary interest and focus is on life-time change.  I have no interest in creating any dependency on me. If you are my client, I will support you in learning new skills and building capacities that will lead you into a long life of fulfilling love.

This is a special program for specific situations.

Listen to this podcast where Karen interviews Brian and I, two surrogate partners, to see if you feel the program is a fit for you.

Why work with a surrogate partner?  The best thing you can do for your health is to love. Social isolation and loneliness are the number one health problem in America. It turns out that loving is even better for your health than eating well or exercising. The lonely, depressed and isolated among us are 3-10 times more likely to fall ill and even die prematurely compared to those who enjoy love, connection and community.

If being in an intimate relationship doesn't feel possible.  If you find the idea of an intimate partnership intimidating, have little experience with intimacy, may have a sexual dysfunction, are differently-abled, are transitioning, are returning from active duty, the surrogate partner process might be for you.

We learn how to ride a bicycle by practicing.  Not by reading the manual or talking with experts. It's the same with relationships.  A surrogate partner is a substitute partner who helps you practice being a great partner.  So you can enjoy intimate relationships with confidence.

The surrogate partner program is a triadic model because there are always three people working together - you, your therapist, and your surrogate partner.  Your therapist supports you while you participate in the program, and often afterward.



✨ These logistical details apply to both the Surrogate Partner and Private Mentorship programs. ✨

I want this

"I dreamt bigger… way bigger than I thought I could achieve this lifetime. And suddenly doors opened where I can see a clear path emerging that could get me there. Literally went from blind and hopeful to now I have a map and compass and sort of amazed how quickly it happened."

"Today I feel enlivened, awake. The creative part of me is stimulated. I'm reminded of Ralph Waldo Emerson "The mind stretched by a new idea will never return to its original dimensions.'”