The Howl

Choosing Human Liberation

Mar 23, 2022

I was all set to present at SXSW this year with the fabulous Ms. Kimi Inch when I pulled up the web page and started reading. My heart sank. I knew I had a decision to make. Would I rather rock the biggest party in town with my good friend Kimi Inch and spread the message of sexual freedom to the masses, complete with a free $1500 badge that grants priority entry to the thousands of presentations that would occur over those two weeks? Or would I prefer to stick with my beliefs?


I had to fly up and take a bird’s eye view.


I’m alive to support human liberation. (That’s the only thing on my to-do list!)


My quest to support human liberation took me to earn a college degree in philosophy to learn every idea that ever existed, then to a career in law and politricks so my ideas could have more impact, then to become a sexual healer so my ideas could have more impact, and now to share what I know with groups so my ideas can have even more impact.


Along my quest, 15 years ago, I took a vow to live every aspect of my life in integrity. And although my manifestation has been far from perfect, that vow has been pivotal because there have been key moments in my life when I’ve had to rely on that commitment to know what to do.


So really I knew what I had to do. I just didn’t want to do it. SXSW 2022 chose to exclude participants from their festival based on private medical information. Participants who would be attending our official SXSW meetup.


It was like the Austin Tantra Festival earlier this year. I was all set to present there when I read … their medical restrictions.


I can not stand in my integrity while I support an event where almost all of my own closest friends and loved ones, who are all extremely healthy, would be stopped at the door and denied entry because they believe in natural healing.


I believe I have the right to decide what penetrates my body. And I believe that information is between me and my maker, not between me and every event organizer in town. No, they have no right to track my medical situation.


I deeply believe that tyrants do not impose tyranny. There are never enough of them. It’s the people who acquiesce in the tyranny who impose tyranny on the rest of us.


I could not acquiesce. Conformity can never lead to liberation.


I believe in inclusivity. I will not knowingly participate in and support discrimination and privacy violations toward my brothers and sisters.


And I don’t consider this a joke. We can not even speak freely about our own bodies at this point. Instead we are pummeled with propaganda.


It just came out that Biden secretly paid one BILLION dollars to the mainstream media as hush money to say nothing bad about the shot. That includes CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Post, BuzzFeed News, Newsmax and hundreds of local TV stations and newspapers across the nation. (Of course they didn’t need to pay NPR since they own it.)


When the Heart Association tweeted that the shot causes heart failure earlier this month, twitter removed the American Heart Association’s tweet calling it “medical misinformation.” When this Forbes journalist started investigating Fauci’s finances, he was fired immediately.


And now our United States Surgeon General is the gestapo - publicly announcing that they will be tracking all Americans who post things they do not agree with on social media.


It’s totally not a joke.


While he was here in Austin last week, one of my heros, Robert F, Kennedy, Jr., said:

The ambition of every totalitarian regime in history has been to abolish self expression. Stalin and Hitler simultaneously went into Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia. They both had identical orders to their front line enforcers. Which was to kill the poets, to kill the artists, to kill the university professors, to kill the writers. Because they wanted to make the people their slaves. And they didn't want the people who could express these cultural claims. ... The ambition of every totalitarian regime is to end self expression.


That's why i'm proud to announce that i was just banned by youtube! Yup. Lil’ ol’ me. More on the story below, but the video they removed from the internet was from TWO YEARS ago! And it probably had a few hundred hits. Which means they are being very thorough. Which I interpret as desperation. (See the video here, 4th video down)


Consider this: if they are coming after someone as small as me, how long will it take for them to come after you when you say something “inappropriate” ?


Is this the country you want to live in?


So you probably guessed by now - I politely declined to present at SXSW 2022, as I had weeks earlier when I backed out of presenting at the Austin Tantra Festival.


And you know what? I feel fantastic about it. I feel so happy that I did not betray my own beliefs, or my own friends and loved ones. That I am not knowingly taking part in human rights violations.


I highly recommend sticking to your beliefs, no matter what they are. Especially when it’s difficult. That’s the only time it really matters, after all.


It’s deeply rewarding.


My favorite covid policy I've seen so far comes from the fabulous Christiane Pelmas and the team at the Verdant Collective. Check it out:

What is your Covid Policy? The Verdant Collective is a community of women who prioritize care and respect for each others’ personal choices. We will not be facilitating conversations about vaccination status, nor do we require vaccines for participation in our programs. If your sense of safety and wellbeing requires that you only participate in programs that mandate vaccination, sadly, The Verdant Collective is not the place for you at this time. What we do require is self-responsibility and care for the collective. We are each responsible for tending to ourselves, which includes our physical health and wellbeing and care for the ecosystem we are all a part of. If you are sick in any way, it is heartbreaking but critical that you do not join us.


Yes, wise sister Christiane, speak.


We will all soar when our individual spark of life is free.


I've heard "wealth" defined as the freedom to imagine + a means to create from that imagination. I agree. Like the founding fathers, I believe our wealth as a people depends upon our freedom of belief and freedom of expression.


At this point, I believe our very life depends upon our freedom to engage with our sisters and brothers freely. We must be allowed to share ideas openly. (I can hardly believe I even have to type these words.)


Join me in standing up for your own beliefs.


No matter what they are.


I support you in expressing yourself fully and being seen for the gifts you came here to deliver.


Rock on, divine Star Dust! Sparkle bright! Share your unique beauty with the world for the benefit of us all.