Have you been caught in the pleasure patriarchy?

Dec 21, 2018

What is "sex"?

50 years ago, Masters and Johnson defined "sex" as: Foreplay, Climax, Refractory period. In this model, the goal is orgasm. Male orgasm. The whole process is based exclusively on the male ejaculation.

Is ejaculation-oriented sex patriarchy? Patriarchy is male control and female exclusion.


The problem is that patriarchy harms everyone. In this model of sex, the male is under pressure to "perform" to a goal, while the female's desire is unworthy of mention.

Because mainstream is engaging in this patriarchy-ejaculation-centered-sex, we have millions of men depressed and fruitlessly buying products because their bodies lo longer want to perform to the script, millions of women who believe they have no desire because their bodies are bored by the script, and millions of children studying porn to train themselves to the boring script.

While we all live and die starved for pleasure and authentic intimacy.

Are you still acting out this 50-year old concept of "sex" in your life?

What would be possible for humanity if we disrupted this collective cultural experience?

This conversation itself is potentially disruptive.

Awareness is the first step to transformation. What if you focus over the next week on awareness of how people talk about sex, your own sexual style, and how the children in your life (who, if they are 9 or above, are currently learning from patriarchy porn) understand "sex”?

Just notice.

Notice how people talk about it. Or don't.

Notice whether your body might deeply desire something different.

Notice whether you want the children you know to grow up in this model.


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