Invitation to Dream a New Dream

Apr 04, 2020

Do you feel called to dream a new dream?

I do, and I am inviting you to go with me.

It’s time for a new dream of the planet. And it’s always the perfect time for a new personal dream.

I’m inviting you to do something with me that costs some money, but I will not be making a penny.

I’m inviting you because I believe this tool can help us all come out of this impending darkness better than we were before.

This is an easy, accessible process that can be undertaken by young and old alike, children and elders and everyone in between.

I’ve journeyed with this man.

There is nothing like it.

There is no more important time for us all to dream a new dream.

And Robert Moss is on fire right now.

Here’s the offer:

We both take this 7-week online course that extends through April and May with Robert Moss, who leads us through a very special dreaming process. One 90-minute online course each week. Recorded so you can watch anytime. First class April 9. There are tons of supplemental and bonus materials but the main thing is the weekly class that comes out each Thursday. Cost is $300. I’ll let the course sell itself, find the details and registration here. You’ll also find a one hour video about it on the link.

I will facilitate a free zoom hour on Wednesdays after the Thursday course the week before. That will give us all time to watch the Thursday course and dream before we zoom together. On our zoom, we will share and hear one another’s dreams.

How does this sound?

Do you hear the Call of Your Soul?

Is it time for you to dream a new dream?

Believe me, this process is PURE MAGIC.

If you are in, let me know.

I’ll set up our zoom room by email.


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