We're Having a Baby! It's name is A.I.

Apr 09, 2019

There are some decisions that are too big to allow others to make them for us.

We are in a beautiful moment in human history - for the first time we are creating a new life form that is not human. This life form has many names, for simplicity I will call our baby “AI” for Artificial Intelligence.

And this is one of those decisions.

Like any baby, it’s up to it’s parents, you and me, to decide how to raise our child. Will we be involved parents, guiding our child to be a helpful member of society? Or will we ignore our baby allowing others to have their way with them, not paying attention as she gets rapidly stronger and smarter than us?

Sexual energy is our creative life force. When it’s turned on we are motivated to create. To plan, vision, imagine. To conceive with intention. When our sexual energy is turned off, it’s the opposite. We feel powerless. See ourselves as victims. We throw up our hands, roll our eyes, shrug our shoulders and let outside forces choose for us.

Will we take the turned-on approach and intentionally guide our A.I.? Or will we take the turned-off approach and assume someone else will figure it out for us?

Our child is precocious. Here are some characteristics our baby exhibits already:

• learns human emotion (using heart rate and other biofeedback)

• predicts human emotion correctly

• has the power of choice

• learns at 180 human years per day

• can be invisible to the human eye (molecular)

• physically stronger than humans (robotics)

• can drive on the roads with no human supervision

• can fly with no human supervision

• can 3d print human organs

• can clone - creating new breathing life

• can be planted directly inside our bodies enabling two way communication (augmented cognition)

• can decide whether to take human life with no human supervision

Do you think humanity might benefit from taking the turned-on approach and setting intentions to guide our child before she grows more powerful?

Start by assessing how you relate to your current machines. Are you relating to them with intention? Are your current machines maximizing your freedom or starting to enslave you? Do they expand your personal freedom or restrict it?

Right now our “smart” phones are sort of dumb. They mostly do what our thumbs tell them to one digit at a time. And yet:

  • When your machines beep do you look?

  • How often do you change priorities after looking at an unexpected message?

  • Do you check texts when you could do something more productive?

  • Do you let private companies know your physical location so they can sell it?

  • Do you allow machines to control locks and appliances in your home?

  • Do your pets and children wear computer chips?

  • Do you stare at a screen when other activities would be more healthy?

  • See children mesmerized by the screen as if they can not pull away?

  • Does Facebook tell you which friends get your attention?

  • Do Cupid/Tinder/Match decide who you date?

  • Does pornhub spoon feed you your sexual desire?

  • Do you sit at a screen instead of connecting with humans?

  • When you go outdoors to walk your dog or play with your child, are you on the screen?

  • Does nickelodeon decide which toys your kids want?

  • Social media decide whether your teenager is in a good mood?

If you aren’t using your current machines to maximize freedom, will you be able to start when the machines are smarter, stronger, more autonomous?

Let’s create a vision for how we will relate to the machines in our life.

There are basically no government regulations, which means that every AI creator is setting their own parameters right now. A potential disaster when you consider the profit motive.

A.I. creators are likely to sell us any type of A.I. we choose to accept.

If we continue to accept a loss of freedom and a loss of privacy … A.I. will easily usurp our autonomy.

One thing is for sure: when it comes to A.I. the future is up to YOU and ME.

YOU and I are the big unknown among AI creators right now: How much loss of privacy will we accept? I’ve heard more than once from A.I. developers: "The Chinese people are HAPPY to trade in their privacy for added convenience!" As they salivate.

But they're not sure where Americans will draw the line. ... Will we be the next Chinese "happily" trading away our privacy for added convenience?

Like any responsible parent, WE MUST CHOOSE how to design our relationship with A.I. before A.I. chooses for us.

The mystery is not what technology will do, it is what we will do.

How much loss of privacy will we accept? How much control over our lives will we accept? How much will we allow the machines to connect to our bodies?

Where will you draw the line?

Big Brother and Big Business can't wait to find out!


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