Weekend Workshop Reviews

"This is experiential learning, the knowledge is presented and then you put it into practice. The real life practices gave me confidence in applying what I learned."

"The group dynamic made it fun, we laughed a lot, but were on task and supportive of each other."

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Private Work with River

"River is a breath of fresh air, one of my absolute most favorite teachers. She’s as much a guardian as a guide."

"This program is much more than sexual. It's about how you connect with others and yourself."

"As a teacher, River rocks, is sexy, crude in the best way possible, and seems to be very accepting of all walks of life."

"River is a great teacher. She's relaxed and present, playful and sincere, guiding yet allowing, and helps people touch into uncomfortable places with support and grace."

Names and identities of clients are confidential.

Y o u   d e s e r v e   d e e p   c o n n e c t i o n.