The Official Wheel of Consent Workshop

The Holy Grail of Desire, Touch and Consent


An in-person small group training where you learn to create

authentic, joyful relationships inside and outside of the bedroom.

✨ plus a super killa bonus ✨

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Did you just spend one more weekend evening with … the screen and a bottle of wine?

Or maybe you went out all weekend and it still felt like one more weekend evening with … no-one special.

Or maybe you were sitting across the table from a first date when you realized your palms were sweaty, you had no idea what to say, and now that you think about it … you might not have been breathing since you arrived.

Or have you been in the middle of the hot-and-heavy with a sexual partner when they look at you breathlessly and whisper “what would you like, baby?” and you …. wish you were back home with the screen and a bottle of wine?

Or do you just want to find that person or people who are really sexy, fun, authentic, and don’t give you the heeby jeebies? 😊

There are so many of us who see ourselves as very sexual and at the same time, when touch and intimacy start actually happening, realize we’re insecure or hesitant.

If we could just find the right guide or community we might transform our sexuality and might even geek out on the subject.

And if we don’t … how many nights will we wake up wondering if we will stay in this pattern for the rest of our life?

Because maybe we’re not enough. Maybe we don’t deserve what others have. Maybe we’ll keep caretaking everyone else while our needs go unmet. Seemingly unable to ask for what we really want. Maybe we’ll keep saying “yes” to please others even though we get resentful or we're really too exhausted. Making excuses for their behavior. Or maybe even staying with them to make sure they're ok even if we are not.

Well it mos def doesn’t have to be this way!

Because deep intimate relationships ARE possible for you.

You get to be fully supported in the area of love, sex and intimacy.

You get to have joyful, authentic sensual experiences and connection.

Your love, sex, and intimacy can reflect your deepest values.

And yes, there ARE still some great partners out there - you just need the tools to find them.

There’s even an honest, fun and inspiring community ready to welcome you!

Past participants in this workshop have called the experience nothing less than life-changing.

A cathartic transformation that will help you break free from everything that is holding you back.

In this extraordinary weekend experience, I bring all of my expertise forward and facilitate a small group journey that has transformed hundreds of lives.

The weekend is designed for your success, broken down into simple concepts intermingled with gentle practices that gradually progress in intensity so you are comfortable every step of the way.

If you’re ready to go from cold and clammy to warm and fuzzy.

From disconnected to connected.

From empty to full.

You are invited to join us for this weekend journey where you will:

  • Work simply and directly with your own body bypassing the mind and its complicated theories and analyses
  • Learn through guided practice so you experience the concepts yourself – not just talk about them
  • Leave with muscle memory and embodied experience that is directly and immediately applicable in your life

You will learn how to access your body’s own wisdom instead of relying on the expertise of any outside source.

Oh, and the super killa bonus! ✨

After you complete the weekend, you will be invited to join together with other like-minded people who’ve taken the workshop to enjoy the company of others on the path and continue to develop the tools.

So this isn’t just a weekend – it's an entry point into a community. Practice sessions, socials, advanced trainings, and a new kind of relationship with others.

So are you ready to authentically connect with authentic people?

To feel joyful, safe and in integrity with your intimate and sexual partners?

To show up at your fullest, and engage with others who are there to do the same?

Join us and cultivate the skills and capacities that will allow you, if you so choose, to create and relish in a world’s greatest love affair of your very own.

I look forward to meeting you in the next workshop! 


"River exuded a gentleness, confidence, and passion for the material that drew us in from the moment we started. She engaged with each of us individually and tailored the pace of the class to what we were ready for in each moment. My favorite part was how she kept the tone light and informal so the class was as much about having fun as it was about learning."

"River teaches with a spectacularly open heart. Her willingness to share from her own experience and create space for participants to do the same enabled real evolution. Her mix of experiential guiding, intellectual understanding, and loving acceptance deliver the ideal conditions for learning."

We stand for you being a bigger, fuller, more expressed human being.


Generating the world you want to live in.


Centering your relating around desire rather than fear.


Co-creating community with others dedicated to full liberation including sexual liberation.

This is the official Wheel of Consent workshop (as developed by Dr. Betty Martin)

facilitated by River Roaring in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas.


Dr. Betty Martin developed the Wheel of Consent, wrote the book The Art of Receiving and Giving, and has now become one of the most legendary living philosophers and trainers of touch in the Western world. Her signature workshop is Like A Pro which is a training exclusively for certain touch and sexuality professionals in the United States, Europe and Australia and New Zealand.

River began her studies with Betty around 2011 and has now shared the Wheel of Consent with her private clients in person for over ten years and facilitated this in person workshop consistently for the past five years. River enjoys sharing the Wheel in the classic style she witnessed Betty model over the past ten years, with her own rather raucous twists.

It’s “classic Betty with River sprinkles.”


The Wheel of Consent is a set of experiences.


You will be gently guided through a progression of experiences that will invite you to open to physical sensation in a whole new way.

You will be invited to communicate with others from an embodied place to reach surprisingly simple, clear, and liberating agreements.

You will learn:

Awareness of sensation in the body
  • Clarity around receiving and giving
  • Creating clear agreements
  • The feeling state of connection and intimacy

Help create a world where we connect with self and others from the deep wisdom of our bodies. Where we learn to trust and honor the other while we express our own desire in the world.


Individuals & Couples

Get help with sexuality, touch, intimacy and relating. Find the ease, confidence and sensuality that is your birthright.


Sharpen your professional consent, boundaries and facilitation skills. Embody the Wheel and apply it in your sessions and workshops.


Create contracts and agreements with colleagues, clients, communities and the environment that align with the values of all parties.

The Wheel of Consent

is a model of consent based on, but not requiring, touch. The Wheel brings ease, sensuality, confidence, self-responsibility and freedom to the touch interaction. Yet these are touch and non-touch dynamics, and the non-touch dynamics may be of greater import.


We will gather in a small group


with no more than ten participants so you have lots of space for expansion.

You will learn simple concepts about how to cultivate capacity in your body for healthy sensual play.

You will have an opportunity to train your body using simple touch and communication practices.

This work is simple, not easy.


It’s relatively easy to access the charts and graphs about this method in print or online, however looking at a map of the Grand Canyon does not mean you have hiked the Grand Canyon.

Looking at the Wheel on paper or screen, or learning the Wheel for an hour or two in a different workshop, is not the same as joining together with an intentional group for a weekend of embodied practice.

In this workshop, you will be invited to experience the Wheel from the ground up with your body, beginning with preparation for the quadrants, and ending with an opportunity to grow deeper into each quadrant. You will be guided through a hike down into the Grand Canyon.


The Wheel has the potential to begin as a concept, blossom to life as a practice, and then inspire a lifetime of joy as it becomes a way of life.


"Having the time to dedicate and dive deeper into each quadrant and practice what they mean is totally worth it. Now that I’ve taken the workshop, I feel like I have tools and a script in order to approach using touch in every day life and in my own teaching. To future participants I would say:

Just do it! It is so worth it!"

"I would recommend the workshop because it provides a framework that allows engaging sensually with another at the deepest level while still being true to yourself and maintaining your integrity.  Things you did not think would be possible in human relationships will come into view through these three days."

See What People Are Saying

From lost to liberated in just one weekend.


There is no need to know anything about the Wheel of Consent before attending this workshop.  

In fact, some participants say it’s best to know nothing about it before the workshop so you can learn it from the ground up.  

My suggestion is to save the resources for after the workshop. Attend the workshop with no preconceived notions, and then add the additional research after you have already experienced the Wheel in your body in the weekend workshop. 


✨ And there’s a super killa bonus! ✨


This workshop is really a portal. 


It’s a portal into a larger community.


Upon completion of the workshop, you'll be invited to join the Austin Wheel Heads - a private community exclusively for those who have completed the workshop. 

The Wheel Heads are an in person community of real people who appreciate authenticity.

Practice relating based on desire, creative spark, healthy boundaries and clear communication.

Plus have an opportunity to participate in advanced trainings and programs to hone your practice and create deeper transformations in all areas of life.

WheelHeads get together in person 

  • to practice on Saturday afternoons in Wheel Dojo 
  • for casual socials at a local eatery
  • to celebrate Solstices
  • to practice sharing the Wheel with others in Wheel Sharers
  • to develop advanced skills and take a deep dive with others on the path adding powerful additional tools to create lots of magic in Wheel Mastery

You'll be part of one of Austin’s most vibrant communities.


Discover the Holy Grail of Desire, Touch and Consent for yourself.


This workshop is for you if you're an explorer. If you're ready to:

  • Get to know yourself in a whole new way
  • Wake up your body and practice being embodied
  • Bring clarity and fun to your closest relationships
  • Start asking for what you want and lovingly holding your limits
  • Take your sex life from a sweet simmer to boiling over with bliss
  • Join an in person community of people on this path
  • Receive invitations to connect with your new community in practice sessions, advanced trainings, social and celebrations

This workshop is not for you if you are not willing to learn new things about yourself, or if you are not interested in deepening your capacity to notice and communicate your desire.


Your Facilitator


River is one of the most experienced facilitators of this work in the world - she's offered this workshop to the public in person consistently over the past 5 years, and has shared the Wheel with individual clients for the past 12 years in person. River will be assisted by a fabulous team of expert practitioners so that you're fully supported. More about River.


2023 Schedule

July 14-16

August 4-6

September 29-October 1

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What People Are Saying

"Now I feel a sense of optimism about my sensual life that I had assumed for years wouldn't be possible. In the day since the workshop I feel myself torn between joy at these new tools and understandings, and frustration that I can't keep practicing them immediately. I am looking forward to engaging with people physically in a way I haven't in a long, long time."

"As a sex therapist I wanted more practical and experiential tools that I could use to help my clients. I have found The Wheel to be one of the most practical and helpful tools for both personal and professional use!  If you get a chance to take this workshop with River do it!"