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Majic Hour with Mercedes and Jade

April 2020.  Wow this podcast was fun.  Join Mercedes Terrell, Jade Bryce and myself on their seriously hot podcast, the MAJic Hour.  We discuss all things sexual.  Part One and Part Two.

Part One
Part Two

Oberon Zell the Wizard OZ

August, 2019.  I had an opportunity to interview Oberon Zell, aka OZ, at our Sacred Sexuality Austin meetup.

Oberon and Morning Glory Zell had a successful open marriage for 40 years, and were in group marriages for half of that time. In 1990 Morning Glory coined the terms “polyamorous” and “polyamory” to describe such relationships, thus launching a movement in which the Ravenhearts became known as “The First Family of Polyamory.” They based their lives for decades on R.A. Heinlein's book Stranger in a Strange Land. This interview is luscious and inspiring.



2016.  After an unforgettable Desiree Alliance conference in New Orleans, River and Joy sit down to talk about the conference and sex work in general.

The Desiree Alliance is a national coalition of current and former sex workers working together with supporting networks for an improved understanding of sexual policies and its human, social and political impacts of criminalization surrounding global policies in sex work.  Their national Sex Worker Rights conference in 2016, Addressing Justice, was fun beyond words.



2014.  Midori, The Supernova of Kink, laid it down, how our sexual energy relates to our evolution as a species, in an intimate talk after Ropecraft Austin where she taught some highly transformative classes. This audio is priceless.

Find Midori at and @PlanetMidori on facebook, twitter, instagram and vimeo. Find more about her unique and profound workshops at:, and


Dr. Betty Martin

2013.  Betty Martin shines light on desire and how it affects our lives and the entire world. She says, "Sexual expression is a need, it's being true to who you are as a human being. It's extremely difficult for us to try to pretend we are somebody, erotically, we are not. That's a killer. It takes a very big toll on us." And when we find our true desire for erotic expression, we're able to tap into desire for our relationships, our environment, our politics, our world.

When we're disconnected from our desire, we allow things to be done to us erotically, in our relationships, our environment, our politics and our world.

Betty offers hours of free video education on her website, among other things. Find everything Betty at:



2012.  An interview and discussion cast exploring the relationship between sexual energy and the evolution of our species.

In this first episode ever of the now defunct Juicy Truth Podcast, we interview Freddy Zental and Dr. Elsbeth Meuth of TantraNova. They are not only world famous tantra practitioners and teachers, they are also bright and shiny examples of two people in love, building a stronger and more exciting relationship together every year, using their combined sexual energy to support one another in rising higher. Find out more about them at: 

We discuss sexual energy, tantra practice, how our sexual energy relates to creativity, motorcycle love tours and more.

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