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See River Roar about a wide variety of subjects. Some of these videos feature River simply roaring, while others are more organized.


Wheel Mastery

Dear WheelHead, this program is just for you!  It's an opportunity to develop your own personal style when it comes to how you express your desire and your limits.  How you hold space for another.  Join us!


Together we Fly in 2021!

Welcome to the new year.  Find out why this year is about Uniting with the Life Force in the Way of Aikido, and it will be our best year ever. ... Can you come out and fly?

Perspective: Bird's Eye View

I like to approach every subject from a bird's eye view and work my way down into the details. I find that when I'm able to hold the broader perspective, the details usually flow with ease and purpose.

Nature. Evolution. Geopolitics. Our role. This video is River's bird's eye perspective on the current global situation, and an invitation to fly.

If you'd like to explore the world from this perspective, join me on this adventure.  September, 2020.  


Choose Love: Your Pocket Guide to Love and Freedom 

I've been silent for over a decade about human rights. Now I'm taking my mask off. The first message I heard from spirit after the quarantine was "say what you know." So I put my ear to the ground and followed every rabbit hole. With this video I've said what I know. This 2 hour video will save you 100 hours of research time.  May, 2020. This video was banned by YouTube in March of 2022 "for your safety".  It had a few hundred views. Show notes include every link mentioned in the video.

River's 4.20 Roar

Greetings beauty. I haven't made a video for over a decade, since I owned a hip hop and politics website with my brother from Oakland Davey D and my sister from Austin Noelle Davis. Those were great times. Here is my message to you for April my love, a video just for you from deep inside the quarantine. April, 2020.

Mavens and Millennials

A Crowning Achievement for Womanity. The inaugural Mavens & Millennials Salon was amazing, hearing our Mavens with their combined 240+ years of wisdom, stepping into their rightful place of honor and sharing their magic.

This is a video recording of the Mavens & Millennials Salon, a cross-generational discourse, held on March 31, 2020, hosted by Lita Vallis, Laura Wall & Clementine Kruczynski.  Maven guests include:

  • 20:00 Aralyn Hughes

  • 49:15 River Roaring

  • 1:20:15 Mary Eriksen

  • 1:49:41 Dara Hopp

Your Eroticism is Calling, Will You Pick Up?

Catch this video interview by Hannah LeBrun.

We cover all the exciting topics: sexual authenticity, our need for sexual expression, body hunger, “erectile dysfunction” and “premature ejaculation” and other "dysfunctions", boring sex, magical dreaming, polyamory, surrogate partner, sexual fantasy, kink and erections (Hey, let's befriend our bodies!)  February, 2020.

"Erectile Dysfunction" is Cultural Dysfunction

In this short video Janet Trevino of San Antonio and I speak about the truth behind “erectile dysfunction” on her show Touch Talks.  

If you've ever had, or know anyone who has had “erectile dysfunction” you may benefit from the information inside this video.  February 2020.

SESTA/FOSTA: Forcing Internet Users to be Rated G? (SXSW 2019)

This is a SXSW panel presented on March 11, 2019 that includes Dan Savage the popular sex advisor, Alex Andrews one of the founders of the modern sex worker rights movement, Lawrence Walters a lead attorney on the ongoing federal lawsuit against SESTA/FOSTA, and is moderated by River Roaring. Learn about this monumental internet censorship law, where it might be heading, and our options.
Decriminalizing sex work may be more viable and meaningful than ever.


2009.  I caught up with Lochai, the infamous dom from and so much more, at Kinky College in Chicago.  He shares beautiful and inspiring words.

Southern Shift

Well this is a trip down memory lane.  In 2009-2010 I co-founded a hip hop and politics website called The Southern Shift.  Find our videos here on this youtube channel.  We were out to change the world through social justice.

The Southern Shift Video Channel