The Howl

YouTube decides you can't handle my video

Mar 23, 2022

Funny how this old video had been coming through in my dreamspace just before I got the notice. 


Two years ago, I was upset. So even though I was not a person who made video, I set out to make a 20 minute video. When I looked up while recording it had been over two hours. I had laid out the global situation as I saw it. Just to express my frustration and hope for whatever friends happened to watch it.


The last time I looked it had around 500 views.


So for your safety, YouTube had to make sure nobody went back to see what River said two years ago to the few friends who would listen to two hours of amateur video. Apparently they do not believe you would not have the capacity to watch the video and make up your own mind.


In other words ... they're doing this is for you?


Paranoid much, Lord Google?


Watch the video here (scroll down to Choose Love: Your Pocket Guide to Love and Freedom)